Call Taiwan-China-HongKong-USA-Canada $0.019/min*

Call Rio De Janeiro $0.0248/min*

Call Sao Paulo $0.0260/min*

Call Mexico City $0.0220/min*

Call Mumbai $0.0348/min*

Call Russia - Moscow $0.0128/min*

Call Russia - St. Petersburg $0.0154/min*

*currency in US dollar

At VoiceOnCloud, we make communications easy and fun. is an IP communications service provider. We innovate and design to thrive with the Internet age and brings exciting products and services with low cost, convenience, accessibility to users around the globe.

VoiceOnCloud is proud to present you the latest Internet Telephony application solutions such as Voice Over Internet Protocol, in short VoIP which is the hottest trend in today's Voice over Internet market.

By placing a VoIP phone call instead of a traditional phone call save us abundant and convenient to user who spend half of their time away from their home or office and still able to enjoy the most important of all cost saving, call anytime, anywhere from the comfort of a cell phone.

For first time VoIP user or returning user who wants more VoIP account, please signup and VoiceOnCloud will assign you an account.

Once you receive a VoIP account, you can start to save by calling the USA, Canada and other countries based on VoiceOnCloud's low cost calling rates.

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