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VoiceOnCloud user has the freedom to enjoy cost-saving by placing Internet phone calls using a Softphone, a VoIP device or from the comfort of their own cell phone.

99cents-service-charge monthly   (Less than $12 Per Year)

A US$0.99 monthly service charge plus calling minutes charges* to call any landline, cell number or International numbers will be automatically deducted from your VoIP account. However, VoIP to VoIP phone calls are free. (eg. Free calls between 874-0000 and 874-9999) And, iNum numbers calling are free too.

*Calling minutes are based on per minute rate charges. Please login to check rate-table. are also a member of the iNum community. One of our unique feature is to receive iNum calls on your cell phone when you are away from your VoIP device or Softphone by forwarding calls to your cell.
Note: Per minute rate charges applies when forwarding features are activated.

VoiceOnCloud VoIP service are for ease of mind to our users. They are:
* no contract to sign
* no hidden fees
* no call connection/disconnection fee
* no VoIP device setup or activation fee
* free Softphone with Video or without one
* free Public local access phone number for cell phone user
* free 3 ways call conference feature
* free voicemail feature
* free Signup account
* free iNum number support
* free iNum World Local Access phone numbers

Important *WARNING: VoiceOnCloud VoIP service does not support E911 service. Therefore, it is not a replacement of your home landline phone service.

Our VoIP dialing pattern is as usual, as if you are in the domestic USA such as
1+area-code+number for US and Canada,  011+country-code+number for Internationals
or  00+country-code+number for Internationals as well.
VoIP to VoIP calls just dial the 7 digits, eg. 8741234 or 8261234
iNum number calling just dial the 15 digits, eg. 883-510-000-000-019.

Once you have obtained a VoIP account, you now can make calls by using a Softphone on your PC, directly from your VoIP device or from the convenient of your cell phone.

The following are the call options for VoiceOnCloud users.

Call Options Using:

1) Softphone

After you have downloaded the Softphone software, you can place call to any landline, cell number, International number or VoIP number immediately.

2) VoIP device

No need to turn on your computer. Just plug-in to your DSL/cable router which is always online. VoIP device to VoIP device phone calls are free.

A one time VoIP device purchase of US$65 each for home user.

Buy two VoIP devices for only US$120 (one time purchase)

* A US$0.99 monthly service charge plus calling minutes charges applies

Device price includes:
* setup and activation
* device configuration
* Plug-and-play
* free Signup account
* no contract to sign

3) Cell phone

You can use our FREE Public Local Access phone number to make a VoIP call as well as landline, cell or International call from your cell phone when you are away from your VoIP device or Softphone. Calling to 7 digits VoIP number are free.

4) Web-Callback

Lets say, you are traveling and you carry that foreign country's local cell phone with you
but you have no access to your VoIP device at home or the Softphone on your PC.
However, you have access to a web browser via an Internet cafe.
You can use the Web-Callback capability to make VoIP calls.

NOTE: Since the VoIP platform is the one calling both destination numbers
and bridge both calls together, both numbers will be charged to your VoIP account
based on its destination rates.

Sample procedure:
Enter My VoIP account: 8748xxx
Password: 6xxxx
then enter your
Real Phone number: 1310xxxxxxx
My friends number: 886xxxxxxxxxx
and wait for the callback.
Enjoy...happy chatting..