Welcome to our basic low-cost Business VoIP Desktop Internet IP phone solution.

With just only $3.99 monthly service-fee for VoiceOnCloud Business VoIP user. 
(Less than $50 per year)

You will get the following:

  • a dedicated US phone number(Business-Presence or Personal real phone number) Personal real phone number: a one time fee $3 for activation
  • IP phone setup and activation
  • IP phone device configuration
  • Plug-and-play
  • 3 ways call conference features
  • Voice mail features
  • free Signup account
  • no contract to sign
  • one VoIP phone number account can be assigned to 3 or 4 Desktop IP phones
  • VoIP to VoIP phone calls are FREE (eg. Free calls between 874-0000 and 874-9999)

** multiple Business-Presence/Personal real phone number can be assigned to a single
   VoIP phone number account
** Outgoing calling minutes charges are based on per minute rate charges such as     
   landline, cell phone and International number calls.
** Business VoIP Desktop IP phone sold separately (a one time purchase - picture above)
** additional charges applies

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VoiceOnCloud Business VoIP solution scenario:

My business is located in Ho-Chi-Minh city, Vietnam. I have three desktop IP phones from VoiceOnCloud Business VoIP solution where I used only one VoIP phone number for all three IP phones. When my clients in the US calling my US Dedicated/Personal real phone number, it rings on all three IP phones located in Vietnam and one of my customer service attendant picks-up the phone to answer. My clients think I have a Business-Presence in the US but actually they are calling Vietnam. The best part is that I only pay $3.99 per month to subscribe to such a convenient service.

Last but not least, to make an outgoing phone call to the US and Canada cost us merely 1.9cents/min. Best of all, I am able to call my partner in Rio, Brazil for free because he is also a VoiceOnCloud user where we are able to talk without having to worry about incurring call minutes.

Business-Presence/Personal real phone number services in different countries,
coming soon...

El Salvador
Puerto Rico
European cities..